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Outdated Utility Billing Software is Really Costing Your Organization

13 minutes read

Have you ever turned your car on, late to an appointment or to work, and saw that check engine light come on?

You probably thought to yourself… “It’s okay…I’ll take care of it when I’m not in such a rush” … And then you’re on your way.

Only to completely forget about it until the next time you turn your car on and the cycle repeats......But inevitably what happens?

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How to Plan for a Smooth Utility Billing System Transition

14 minutes read

One of the most anxiety-inducing aspects of setting up a new mission-critical software system is the transition between those two systems. There’s a lot that could go wrong, not to mention all of the questions of buyer’s remorse that go along with purchasing a new system.

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Why the Quoted Price Of Utility Billing Doesn't Tell The Full Story

14 minutes read

It's been ingrained in us that cheaper is better, but it’s also known that you get what you pay for. A more affordable price point may mean more headaches and heartache when figuring out the cost of your next Utility Billing System.

But how can you take everything in to uncover the entire story behind a system's quoted price? How do you compare apples to oranges?

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Applicable Lessons on Change Management Utilities Can Learn From

10 minutes read

In a world of 3-minute YouTube videos, TikTok clips, and Snapchat, our attention span and the world are incredibly short. (I have probably already lost many of those who started reading this article).

To succeed in any organization, you must consistently reinvent who you are as an individual and how you work and help to influence positive change. 

So, how does this attention-deficit live in harmony with the need for constant change?

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4 Ways To Make Your Billing Process Easier

12 minutes read

The saying goes "if something is not broke don't fix it," and it can be easy to associate that same mentality when it comes to your billing process. Relying on the “not broke yet” philosophy may prevent you from realizing the critical benefits of incremental improvements.

However, we want to let you know that it's okay to change a process that has always worked! Because sometimes, and usually this ends up being the case, there's a better way to execute on it that makes it easier on everyone.

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Why Do Merchant Processing Reporting Fees Exist…And Why Do Utilities Need to Know About Them

9 minutes read

As is the nature of any business, sometimes unexpected fees pop up.

But do you ever wonder why you’re sometimes hit with that unexpected annual credit card fee out of nowhere? What is this fee, and why is it added to the bill?

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What The Latest USPS Changes Mean For Utility Billing Providers

14 minutes read

"Snail mail" has always been the go-to when it comes to billing and invoicing your customers. However, modern technology has advanced so much that billing can be delivered in less than a minute! Making "snail mail" not the only plausible option anymore.
But now costs are increasing and that is hitting all billing entities' bottom line, especially those who bill for utilities. Not only does it cost more, it's taking almost double the amount of time for bills to be received to your customers.

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How Client Success Ensures Your Longterm Success

14 minutes read

Do you find that you really haven't communicated with anyone from your Utility Billing Service provider in years?
Maybe you're finding that you know most of how your software works, but don't really know how to use your new system to the depth of its capabilities?
There's one thing that can ensure your long-term success with any piece of software...and that's Client Success!

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How to Calculate the Total Cost of Ownership for Utility Billing Systems

29 minutes read

Have you ever experienced buyer’s remorse? You know that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that makes you question whether you made the right choice?

It’s a common feeling, especially when trying to analyze Utility Billing Software. Luckily, we have some tips on how to preemptively avoid buyer’s remorse… and it’s as easy as performing a simple calculation.

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What To Look For When Choosing A Utility Billing System

15 minutes read

There are hundreds of Utility Billing Systems out there, and choosing just one can prove difficult.
Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to pick one? Maybe you're worried about picking the wrong one?
Don't fret just yet!

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