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How to Sell Utility Billing Upgrades to the Boss and the Board

13 minutes read

That’s it! You’ve made the choice on a Utility Billing Solution that feels right for your entity! What a load off!

Now comes what could be the hard part…. selling it to the boss and the board.

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Is It Time to Replace My Utility Billing Software?

8 minutes read

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right? We hear that all the time in relation to Utility Billing Software. In fact, often, we hear from utility entities that their software is working fine,, and they don’t want to go through the hassle of changing internal processes and implementing new software.

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Utility Billing Support: 5 Things Learned from Thousands of Calls

10 minutes read

As the utility billing support provider for our full-service customers in dozens of local utility providers, we've seen some things. Anything from the monotony of taking bill pay questions all the way to complex remote research for customers with negative or abnormal readings.

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What Will Utility Billing Software Look Like in Ten Years?

14 minutes read

2020 was an interesting year for municipalities and local governments to say the least.

The year has caught many of us off guard for several reasons, but with our day-to-day work in. When the year started, we could all continue working as we've worked the same way we've always worked.

However now going into the offices we know, and love isn't an option for many of us and the impacts are catastrophic for everyone from administrators to utility directors all the way to the great and hardworking...

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